Bonding Between BOD and Frontline

Being proactive in human resource development, Richfield understands the importance of employee engagement. Richfield’s top management pays remarkable attention to building direct and mutual communication channels with our frontline employees.

Case Studies Ha Noi trip

SIDE BY SIDE: Richfield’s leaders (in suits and dress) and employees in Ha Noi

Face-to-face meetings between Board of directors and staff, regular tele- conferences, and daily SMS reports are conducted as instances of top management’s determination of building a strong team-work culture. Employee satisfaction has been enhanced; individuals’ goals are set in line with the organisation’s vision within a productive working environment. With significant effort in employee engagement, Richfield expects the rewarding contribution of employees to the success of the company.

Our top management determine to upholster a culture of sharing and engagement in order to make Richfield a bigger success. See more at Employee Events.