Business Principles

Our business principles are fundamental components of our culture and business development for decades. We commit to:

* Providing our consumers with the widest range of quality food products at the best value;

* Developing and nurturing long-term relationships with our suppliers, distribution partners, and customers; and

* Maintaining an agile work force by being involved in the development of our employees’ skills, knowledge, and attitude.

We strictly comply with legal requirements, guarantee that our activities are sustained, and add values to the life quality of the community around us.

Our Vision – To become a reliable and professional food company in Southeast Asia
We are aware of Richfield’s position as a top-rank food distribution company in Indochina. However, our target is the further extension towards the whole Southeast Asia region.

Our Mission – to build good conditions for personal development and benefit customers and community.

Richfield strives to provide the best quality services and products based upon customer satisfaction.

People are the most important assets of Richfield and we want our employees, partners, clients and community to prosper.

At Richfield, talents are highly valued. We support our employees and provide them with professional development programs which encourage growth and career satisfaction.

Richfield encourages social morality. We initiate extensive social responsibilities on the purpose of uplifting our communities..

Our Core Values:

Respect – Responsibility – Friendliness – Innovation – Dignity