Fast Go – Brand of Richfield

Fast Go 2Fast Go Home slideshowFast Go – Lubricate Your Movement is a series of engine lubricants internationally standardized and manufactured with the most modern USA technologies to bring the best benefits to consumers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Fast Go includes a variety of engine lubricants for motorbikes (MCO), automobiles (PCO), trucks and ships (CVO), and synthesis industries (HDO) which fulfill the contemporary demand of the market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

In order to gain success within the industry of engine lubrication, after prolonged research and consideration, Richfield has decided to establish a manufacturing plant in Malaysia, a country with fast growing engine lubrication industry in Southeast Asia.

Fas Go 3

Fast Go manufacturing plant

With an area of ​​250 hectares and a capacity of 50 million tons per year, the factory is specialized in producing lubricants for motorcycles, cars, trucks, ships and synthesis industries with the most advanced technology of USA. The plant achieved ISO 9001 and is now one of the largest lubricant manufacturers for original equipment companies (OEM ).

The lubricants produced at the plant are sourced from base oil at Category 2 and above with mineral oils, semi-synthetic oils and synthetic oil with additives ensuring high levels to meet the highest specifications established by API (American Petroleum Institute), Association of American Lubricants and standards of JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization ), a Japanese automobile certification organization.