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Our Distribution
Established 1994, Richfield Worldwide JSC is a leading sole distributor of Mars | Wrigley - USA, a global company with brands: CoolAir, Doublemint, Extra, Sugus…
Currently, it possess 60% chewing market share Vietnam nationwide & being progressed. Since 2016, Richfield Worldwide JSC embrace the energy & sport drinks, named Warrior & Sponsor, imported from TCP Group (ThaiLan).
TCP is recognized by an international brand: Red Bull. Possess a huge & effective distribution network, our 1,300 salesman is being provide best distribution solutions & being together to achieve the South Asia reliable & professional food company.
MPC ASEAN 100g Packaging_Sour Cream & Onion 3D
MPC ASEAN 100g Packaging_Sweet Potato 3D
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