Preparing Your CV

CVPlease take your time to follow the steps below. That helps us understand you more.

* Microsoft Word documents and Adobe Reader texts (PDF) are officially accepted.

* Your CV/ resume and other related materials (academic transcripts, certification copies, etc.) can be either in English or Vietnamese.

* It is advisable to include your contact details such as email address, phone number and residence address in your CV, enabling us to contact you for further application process.

Your academic achievements with GPA should be clearly reflected in your CV. You should only refer to your high school education, post-secondary/ vocational training, university and higher education courses attended.

It is advisable to provide brief description of important projects as part of your course-work.

We will consider the work experience section in your CV in order to have a grip of your abilities, professional skills and accomplishments you have gained. Therefore, please clearly list your experiences, your completed projects with previous employers, and recognisable contribution you made.

At last, please provide brief information about remarkable awards that you have earned. Providing copies of the awards is appreciated but not a requirement.