Richfield’s distribution system covers all cities, towns and rural areas. Existing in 63 provinces and cities, our distribution network may well be the largest within the food industry in Vietnam. This significant system is always maintained to be proactive by our on-going training programs and modern management techniques.

At Richfield, non-stop improving sales skills is a crucial priority. Our sales teams nationwide always strive to catch up with modern training programs which are designed to satisfy customers’ demand and fit with market fluctuation. Together with on-the-job training programs conducted by individual teams, Little Master is a long term management training program to contribute to Richfield’s sustainable development.

Our distribution system is supported by modern IT techniques. WERA Mobile is making sales recording and reporting more convenient. Our sales merchandisers use WERA Mobile portable toolkits and work with electronic data while managers access online statistics to track individuals’ performance.

Therefore, Richfield’s distribution is always maintained to be adaptive, responsive and effective on both hardware and software basics.