Richfield Group

bandoAs a conspicuously successful FMCGs group in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, Richfield Group includes:

  • Richfield Worldwide JSC: distributor of Mars and Wrigley products in Vietnam
  • Richfield Foods JSC: Importer, contracted packer of Wrigley products
  • Cambodia Richfield: Confectionery importer and distributor in Cambodia
  • Richfield Foods Ltd: Contract packer of Wrigley products, and distributor of Mars and Wrigley products in North Vietnam
  • Phu Toan Thang JSC: Distributor of New Choice mini fruity jellies
  • Dragon Era Trading & Logistics Service JSC: Distributor of chewing gums, chocolates and fruity jellies for Richfield Worldwide JSC.

We are on the path to become a reliable and professional food company in Southeast Asia. Together with establishing our extensive size, we concentrate on distributing high-quality products and services to customers in order to be an integral part of the community development.

Competitive Advantages
  • Wide distribution network
  • Dedicated and professional people
  • Nurturing workplace culture
Growth Principles
  • Integrate with the community
  • Distribute high-quality products and services
  • Strengthen distribution network
  • Value talents and cultivate professional culture