Sponsoring Music Gala to Commemorate Trinh Cong Son’s Death Anniversary

Richfield Worldwide JSC and Phu Toan Thang JSC were among the sponsors of “Mornings of Vietnam”, a Music Gala to mark the 13th death anniversary of the composer Trinh Cong Son (2001-2014) on the 5th April 2014 at the Crescent Area, Distrcit 7, Ho Chi Minh City.  The much awaited event which was attended by 30 thousands audiences was successful in creating a joyous, festive yet solemn ambiance for all those being present. Trinh’s songs have made every individual feel deeply touched.

The event’s success was also contributed by sponsoring organisations. Richfield was giving a product sampling, featuring Wrigley’s Doublemint brands and New Choice’s fruity mini jellies and ice bars.  The refreshing taste of Doublemint chewing gums and thirst-quenching fruity flavours of mini jellies and ice bars were well accepted and appreciated by the audience. A big “Thank you” to all hard-working staff of Phu Toan Thang and New Choice Foods.